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Gift of the Present

Gift of the Present

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More than the sum of its parts: give the gift of the present!

This pack is designed to help keep you calm and grounded: To bring an overwhelmed mind some relief and some tools for keeping in the present moment. This is a collaboration with the amazing yoga teacher, Anna Ravenscroft Ward, so all the advice linked to breathing techniques and yoga poses comes from an expert, rather than little old me. Anna has worked extensively with groups and individuals on mindfulness, yoga and overcoming anxiety.

Great as a gift for your own self-care or for a friend or family member going through tough times, bereavement, illness or stress.

💥 contents:

❤️ a ‘have a day’ A5 print (£5.50) Sometimes it’s good to remember that you don’t need to have a great day, a productive day or an active day. Just get through the next 24 hours. That’s plenty.

🧡 an A5 poster of yoga poses designed to help ground you (£3.50) - illustrated and printed on quality poster paper

💛 a template with guidance on completing your own cloak of good mental health (£1.50)

💚 a friendship card (£2.95) FSC mix card with a recycled kraft paper envelope

💙 a wooden pin - either an ‘enough on your plate’ or ‘kindness matters’ design (£6.50) (randomly selected) FSC mix wood.

💜 a wallet-sized, double-sided guide to breathing properly- when you’re totally overwhelmed (£2) The size of a business card, designed to be portable enough to be with you whenever you need it. 10 steps to feeling calmer, quickly.

💖 a new perspective ‘refillable glass’ card (£2.95) FSC mix card with a recycled kraft paper envelope

The pack contents is worth £24.90 if bought individually.

You are being offered these packs at the staggeringly small price of £12.50 including free UK delivery.

I’m determined to use recycled card and materials to make this exciting venture kind on the planet as well as your mental health.