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Main Mystery bag

Main Mystery bag

10.00 22.35

Ooooooooh, I’m so excited! To celebrate my 3rd business birthday, I am offering a very limited edition mystery bag for just £10.

The contents is worth at least £22.35! Better than half price! With FREE UK POSTAGE

I love having a stash of cards and gifts for every occasion. I don’t want to be dashing to the 24hr supermarket for an Oh-My-Goodness-Just-Grab-Anything gift. That’s why I’ve put together a selection of my cards, prints, pins and extras so you’re not left banging on the window of the petrol station, begging for wilted carnations at 11pm.

Each bag is different and its exact contents are a mystery, but will roughly contain:

  • at least 3 cards worth a minimum of £8.85

  • a mini print worth at least £5

  • a pin worth at least £6.50

  • extra surprise worth at least £2

You can upgrade to the Mega Mystery Bag right here…

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