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Mega Mystery Bag

Mega Mystery Bag

15.00 36.35

For my 3rd business birthday, I have put together a very limited run of mystery bags. The main bag is here, but you are looking at the bumper pack with even bigger savings.

I love having a stash of cards and gifts for every occasion. I don’t want to be dashing to the 24hr supermarket for an Oh-My-Goodness-Just-Grab-Anything gift. That’s why I’ve put together a selection of my cards, prints, pins and extras so you’re not left banging on the window of the petrol station, begging for wilted carnations at 11pm.

I won’t tell you what’s in your bag- hence the word mystery, but I will let you know that I’ll contain something along these lines…

  • at least 3 cards worth a minimum of £8.85

  • a mini print worth at least £5

  • a pin worth at least £6.50

  • extra surprise worth at least £2

  • an A4 print worth £9

  • an additional A5 print worth £5

  • a hug- priceless

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