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Things that are lovely but don’t really fit. We all know how that feels, right?


Walking the Tightnope - A5 deskpad

Walking the Tightnope - A5 deskpad


We are told that it’s important to say no sometimes, whether that’s to prevent burnout or to help us maintain good balance in our lives and our minds. It’s not always an easy task though. If you’ve been brought up to be polite, saying no feels uncomfortable. As well as a safety net of gentle ways to say no, this pad has a space for you to consider what it is you need to say no to and, importantly, what part of your life that frees up so that you can say yes. 

A no to a job offer can be a yes to starting your own venture;
A no to diet culture can be a yes to self acceptance;
A no to a night out can be a yes to rest, time alone or with family.

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, a no can be seen as a way of making things more positive elsewhere in your life.

These pads are ideal as a personal resource or for group support sessions.

Packaged in paper, not plastic. Thanks for looking! 

This A5 deskpad has approximately 50 sheets of the same design by Rosie Johnson Illustrates

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