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Notes from the studio (it’s a shed)

Shed Life. Blur missed a trick

You know when you keep saying, "Oh if I weren't doing my sensible job that I've done since university, I'd follow my dream and..."?

I stopped saying that a month and a half ago. I stopped saying it because I started doing it. I'm writing stories for children and illustrating in the studio at the bottom of the garden. I say studio, I mean shed. I say garden I mean uneven patio. It is at the bottom though.

The first month has been great. It's high on imposter syndrome and low on cash, but I'm busy, happy, paint-spattered and loving this massive change in my life. Watch this space for musings, rants, links to cool stuff. Wish me luck!

Here's to struggling at something I want to struggle at and going to work in my slippers.