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How to cruise through the resolution blues...

We all know the new year is evil. 

It unveils your true reflection. That which had previously been masked by kind Christmas lighting and delicious midday mulled wine is now revealed as the cold, harsh reality: over indulged, under exercised, partied-out and unsure what day of the week it is.

The same industries that told you to treat yourself last month are now laying on the guilt about your crap willpower. 

You're too fat, too lazy, too obsessed with your phone. You need to learn a new language, enter a triathlon and eat nothing but spirulina. You need a watch that gets cross when you slow to anything less than a jog (like a miniature, wrist-based bus from Speed.) You'll also need a magazine subscription that allows you to build a detailed model of the Taj Mahal in 59 handy issues. (Free binder with part one.) NOW!!

But I say "Hey new year, calm it. Be nice. We're all a bit fragile." I choose not to get bogged down in new year blues or old year guilt.

Pendant from my new Hold My Hand necklace

Pendant from my new Hold My Hand necklace

I'm using this skin-shedding month to shake off the build up of anxiety that accumulates when I'm not looking. I'm concentrating on the countless things to be thankful for and on an exciting year ahead for my little business. I'm so grateful to all the people who've supported me- in person or in their custom.

At the time of writing this, I'm fully booked for commissions until mid-February (get in quick for Mother's Day portraits, peeps.) I'm looking forward to some sideline projects including a new range of accessories soon to be available in the shop. I've got new card designs up and ready and I'm getting back to a rewrite of my children's book.

2017 is looking good. And, whatever happens, at least it's not the-year-that-shall-not-be-named anymore. What are you doing to kick this month's ass? Are you a hibernator or a motivator? 

I'm keeping my goals achievable and setting my sights at just above the horizon. No more jaded Januaries and failed Februaries.

Oh and I'll lose a stone by Valentine's Day. Natch.


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