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New Year, Same Clichés

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Hello reader of this,

How was your Yule? I flippin' loved mine. Great company, kids were brilliant, drank and ate like there was an impending apocalypse.. the usual.

Like you I'm sure, I have had a flood of newsletters/ blogs/ memes either encouraging me to make a change in my life this instant or reject the pressures of the season in their entirety. As ever, I'm going for a balance. I quite like the kick up the bum of January, but I'm not fully subscribed to the New Year, New Me mindset. The old me- or me as I affectionately call her- is fine really. I will strive to be fitter and more successful, finish the children's book I'm writing, make some actual money, spend more time playing with my kids than I do on Candy Crush etc etc. 

positivity pot.png

My one big goal is everyday contentment, in whatever form. No-one (unmedicated) is 100% happy- it's too extreme. Being content however, is achievable. A crappy day? That's ok. It's still the same number of hours as any other day- fewer if you go to bed early with a podcast to fall asleep to. I'm just going to work on a general sense that things are ok, that crap stuff will pass and even if it takes a while, I have the resilience and core self belief to see it through. 

And I will achieve this by taking stock frequently: by noting the contentment, the fun events, the kind words. Recently, I've started talking with the children about what we feel grateful for, moving them gently away from Octonauts magazines and chocolate and towards an appreciation of their everyday comforts and security. We are lucky and I don't want to slip into complacency about that.

If you want to join me in this positive, frankly downright hippy mentality then how about you download my free Positive Pot labels (not that sort of pot. Hippy but not THAT hippy) to start a jar of notes documenting how ace your life it is. It is. It REALLY is. 

Or/ and for just 50p you can get a colourful template for 2018 goals- all achievable and all fitting with an open, growth mindset and you'll have supported a small business at the same time. You really are winning today.





Come on, let's skip through the fields together holding hands. 

Rosie x