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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Fashion Revolution Week is 22nd- 29th April 2019

If you read my last blog ( and why wouldn’t you, it was scintillating) you’ll know that I recently launched my new range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and bags. They are all made from 100% organic cotton in a wind-powered factory, by people paid a proper wage in India, then printed in the UK in another wind-powered factory, using lower impact inks and shipped out in paper rather than plastic packaging. The manufacturers, Teemill, even encourage you to send back the clothes once you’re done with them and they’ll be reused or recycled.

Whilst you kick back with some chocolate eggs this weekend, why not have a little gander through the information about Fashion Revolution? There are events taking place all over the world. In my neck of the woods, the amazing independent shop, Sancho’s are hosting events every day next week to promote and celebrate ethical fashion. Click on their photo to find out more.

Image credit: Devon Live

Image credit: Devon Live

Some excellent places to start

If you want to find out more about this campaign, how and WHY it started, the Fashion Revolution website is comprehensive and incredibly helpful, packed with resources and information.

Good On You

This is an excellent brand directory, also available as a free app, which rates the ethical practices of many fashion brands on three main areas:

Labour, Animal Welfare and Environmental Impact

Look, I know I’m getting all preachy in these blogs and social media posts recently, but as our World-Leader-In-Waiting, Greta T keeps saying- THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE. We as individuals can’t do much, but we can CHOOSE. Our choices, in how we vote, how we travel, what we eat and WHAT WE BUY really do matter. You might not feel that you’re in a position to provide a solution, but you sure as hell don’t need to be part of the problem.

Don’t, for goodness’ sake, buy my clothes if you don’t need or want them. But next time you’re in the market for new garms, or are considering a present for someone else, then why not choose something that makes you feel good as well as look good? Here’s a few of the latest designs…

Oh wait, what?

Actually do buy my stuff this weekend because you’ll get a pair of free bamboo socks!


with the coupon code SOCKY

If you do buy something, please take a picture and tag me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or wherever you are social online. Thank you!

Have a wonderful long weekend (if that’s what happens in your country at this time, otherwise, just have a wonderful normal weekend. I over-thought that, didn’t I?)

Ooooh I almost forgot to say- Thank you so much for your suggestions of card shops selling cards without cellophane- please keep them coming as I’m building up my list.