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Wholesale enquiry form for Rosie Johnson Illustrates

Wholesale Enquiries

Hello! I offer wholesale on my cards and prints (not pins, accessories or merch currently, sorry) Please complete the form below giving me a rough estimate of the number of units you are interested in purchasing and any other relevant details. I don’t have a minimum order value per se as I really like working with small shops, but I do want to make sure that we are a good fit and obviously weed out a cheeky customer who wants a wholesale price. There are not only discounts for larger orders but also perks such as free shipping to UK stockists. I look forward to hearing from you.


Name *
If you have a bricks and mortar shop, please complete this section. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.
I get a lot of enquiries from stockists about wholesale. It is very helpful for me to know the kind of business you run/ are communicating on behalf of.
At the moment, I only offer wholesale on my cards and prints. If you have enquiries about merchandise or accessories (as found in my Etsy store) please send me a separate message and I will be happy to consider your request.
This is the total number of units- even if it's a mixed order. We can iron out the details if we go ahead.
Naked! *
I am committed to keeping waste at at minimum and no matter how big the temptation of a large, lucrative order, I will not be sending out orders in non-biodegradable/ non-recyclable packaging. All cards will be delivered to you naked but carefully packaged to prevent damage. It is part of our contract together, that you would NOT resell the cards in cellophane wrapping. If you have any queries about this, please go to my contact page to discuss it with me before continuing with this form.
Tell me a bit about your shop/ company and why you think we'd be a good match.